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Dearest Magnolia-

Hello My Sweet Magnolia,

I’m writing this to you while you are still in my belly.  There are only 18 days left until you are “due” to meet us outside of my womb, but the reality of it is- you could come any day now or you could decide you are nice and comfy in there and decide to stay a few extra days.

The pregnancy with you has been as easy one, without much complication- I can only pray you are as easy of a baby.  Morning sickness was never a problems, even in this excruciating Texas heat I haven’t swollen any, and even at 38+ weeks I’m still able to work standing on my feet most of the day.

This pregnancy has been enjoyable for me most of the time.  Even though it weirded me out at first, I now enjoy feeling you kicks, the little flutter of your hands, and your hiccups that seem to shake my whole belly.  Even though it seems like you should be running out of room by now, you are still quite active- switching from one side of my belly to the other at whim.  I love playing with your little feet as they sweep across my belly.  I will miss having you all to myself- having those special moments between just you and me that we don’t have to share with anyone.  I’m able to keep you safe from the world in my womb, try as I may I will never be able to protect you so well again.

I cannot wait to meet you.  Even though we have ultrasound pictures of you, I still have a hard time envisioning what you’ll look like once you arrive and start to grow- I do know you are beautiful and always will be.  Will you be petite like me and my side of the family or tall and strong like your dad’s family?  What color hair will you have (for the record your Mamaw thinks it will be red)?  What color eyes will you have? (my bet is on green).

What kind of things will you like to do?  Where will your passions lie?  Whatever they happen to be, I plan on supporting them and you to the best of my ability.  Whatever you dream, I pray I am able to help you see your dreams come true.

I love you so much already little one.  I’m looking forward to meeting you and the person you will become.


Your Mama

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