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Our first full day home- + day 2

We woke up got up late Saturday morning.  I would love to say we woke up late, but the truth is we were up and down all night long.  We finally got up sometime between 8 and 9 am.  The first order of the day was DRUGS!!!  Late discharge from the hospital Friday night kept us from the pharmacies we would have normally used and searching out a 24 hr pharmacy just wasn’t high on our “to do” list, we were all ready to just get home and relax!  One would think that having had drugs every 4-6 hrs for 3.5 days that I would have thought at some point I might need them over night.  But I have to say, the thought never crossed my mind.  No drugs, coupled with feet that look like this-

made for a VERY long and painful night.

After daddy made the drug run, the three of us just lounged around the apartment for awhile enjoying each other.  For lunch, Daddy ran out to Chickfila and was gone almost an hour- Chickfila is a popular place on Saturdays!  A Saturday afternoon nap was in order- Daddy put the phone down shortly after this picture was taken and was snoring within minutes.

Our first day home was good.  Nice and relaxing with everything running pretty smoothly.  I wasn’t sure how the dogs were going to handle her, but Laney loves her already.  Cries are met with Laney perking up her ears and running over to the baby to see if she is okay.  Slade is still a little unsure of the new little creature we brought home!

We are both continuously amazed at every little thing she does- which at  just a few days old, isn’t much, but she’s just so darn cute while doing it!

August 28- A real Texan now!

We were not planning on taking her out so soon, but breast feeding was not coming easy to me.  Having her separated from me for 48 hrs while she was in the NICU and not given the chance to breastfeed did not get our breastfeeding relationship off to a good start.  Actually, it was a TERRIBLE start but giving her breast milk is super important to me so I’m going to do whatever I need to- even if that means taking my 5 day old baby to the grocery store to buy a breast pump.

So we dressed her up and took Magnolia on her first trip to HEB (which for those of you who aren’t Texans, is THE grocery store in Texas).  I used to work at the one next to our apartment- so it was a good opportunity to see old coworkers as well.

Yay!  We love HEB!

Hunger struck us while we were out so we took Magnolia on her first trip to Rudy’s.  Which for those of you who aren’t Texans, is a bbq restaurant.  Magnolia wasn’t able to enjoy the brisket, but she took a nice nap while Mommy and daddy chowed down.

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