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Dear Magnolia- 4 weeks!

Dear Magnolia,

The longer I have you, the harder it is to remember life without you.  What did I do with all my time?  Just 30 days ago, I never could have imagined how great my love for you would be.  Of course I knew I would love you, but I  could have never fathomed the magnificent depths of my love for you.

Since I missed posting last week-

Your 3rd week of life was mostly uneventful.  You ate, you slept, you pooped and repeated these things over and over.  You made some adorable faces – seriously you are the cutest kid ever and I’m not saying that just because I’m your mom.  You grew.  You outgrew one of your newborn outfits; you fit in the rest of them for now- but not much longer.  You now hate your cosleeper so you sleep in your rock ‘n play or on mommy or daddy- not at night though.   I tried sleeping with you in the crook of my arm and you are such a noisy sleeper I don’t think I slept a wink.  Every time I would doze off you would make a sound and I would be wide awake again.

Your father and I took you out to one of our favorite restaurants.  The hostess had a fit over how cute you were.  We sat your bouncy seat on the table so your dad and I could use both our hands to eat for one.  It was the 18th birthday of a girl at the table behind us, the entire staff came out shaking pennies in hard plastic cups making LOTS and LOTS of noise.  You slept through the entire thing.


For your  3 wk birthday your dad and I bake some chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing and made you a party hat.

We took our 3 wk family pic-


We also took a pic of you in this chair.  I hope to continue monthly so we can have a good record of your growth.

We took some other cute pictures-

Week 4-

Pretty much a repeat of week 3.  Eating, sleeping, pooping, and being cute.  We’ve slowly adapted our days and figured out what works and what doesn’t.  I attempted to use the wrap for the first time and you like it for about 5 mins and then scream.  Hopefully you will get use to it soon because it makes things soooo much easier.  I weighed you yesterday and I think you are about 10 lbs and 21 inches long.  Its difficult to weigh you now because you don’t fit in the bowl on top of the scale anymore.  You have a doctors appointment soon and we’ll see how much you weigh then.

We took you for your first walk in the stroller.  We had to wait until dark so it was cool enough, but you really liked it and it went well.  The only mishap we had was when we were walking through the front gates and the sprinklers hit you.  You got a little wet, but didn’t seem to mind.  Daddy wiped your face off with his shirt and everything was fine.

Yesterday I took you out for the first time by myself.  I got you all ready, feed you, put you in the wrap and started off on our journey.  You seemed to enjoy the wrap until we got inside HEB, the you decided you hated it and were going to let the whole store know.  So I took you out and you were much happier.  Put you back in for the walk home and you enjoyed it, but you seem to have about a 5 minute tolerance rate when it comes to the wrap.

I have no cute pictures of your 4th  week because the batteries died on wk 3 and we didn’t replace them.  No worries, daddy bought some new one this week so week 5 will be well documented.

We love you so much.

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