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Dear Magnolia- One month old +

Yea, I’m a little behind- what else is new?

Dear Magnolia-

You are now one month old.  You turned 1 month on Sept. 23rd and we celebrated the next evening.  We had cupcakes and bought you two presents- a little black and white board book and a clutching toy.  You love looking at the pictures in the book.

You were asleep the whole time we baked cupcakes.  Around 2 am, we finally got tired of waiting on you to wake up- so we took pictures with you still asleep.  You startled as the flash went off and got frosting all over your feet, but never woke up.

On Friday the 23rd we took you to a “well baby” visit since you had not been yet.  The doctor we visited was 84 and his office looked like something out of the 60s- frozen in time.  He checked you over, weighed, and measured you- told us you were perfect, but of course we already knew that!  You weighed 9lbs 6 oz- up 2 lbs from your birth weight and were 21.5 inches long- a gain of 2 inches (grow girl, grow!).  After the appointment we visited Lone Star Kolaches and daddy and I each had a couple kolaches.

Thursday the 22nd was daddy’s last day at his civilian job.  He quit early so he could spend time with us before he left for Army training.  He is going to miss you sooooooo much.  Its really unfortunate that he is going to miss so much of your first year of life- but he is doing this to better our family, so you will never have to do without things you need or want.  Please once you get older and understand whats going on, never forget that.  When you are mad that daddy is leaving or not around- remember he is doing what he has to, to make a better life for us.  Because he loves you and me so much.

Saturday we got up early and went to the Olde Pecan Street Festival on 6th street here in Austin.  You slept through most of it.  We got tons of compliments on how adorable you are.  For lunch we went into one of the 6th street bar/restaurants- Casino El Camino .  Its a dark, dingy hard rock kind of place, but we heard they had good burgers.  Obviously we aren’t going to win any parent of the year awards- but we were happy to see we weren’t the only parents in the place.  There was a family at the next table who had a little girl that looked almost your age.  The music was super loud, but you slept through most of it and when you were awake you stared at the dim light fixtures on the ceiling.

As the afternoon wore on, it got much hotter and we had to dip into stores to keep you cooled off.  Overall it was a pretty successful day.  Our first long major outing with you.

inside the lego lion with Daddy

Cooling Tent- the purple tent made you look red.

On Tuesday we headed out to Whole Foods, which you slept through then when went to the Brick Oven since the sky looked ominous and I didn’t want to drive home in the rain.  Given that you cried through almost the entire time we were at the restaurant, I’d say you didn’t like it much.  That’s okay because neither did we.

Earlier during the week you met another milestone- you peed on someone for the first time.  You were laying on daddy’s chest and the diaper wasn’t tight enough on the corner- so everything ran right out onto daddy.  We both had a good laugh about it.

You make the cutest faces now.  I could sit and watch you all day long make faces

We love you sooooo much sweet Magnolia.  Love Mommy and Daddy

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