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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from me and my little pumpkin!

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October 28, 2011 · 7:13 pm

Our funfilled weekend

On Monday Mikey left for his army basic training in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  Since it would be our last time seeing him for 10 weeks, we decided to have a little lot of fun.

Friday we got dressed up in Austin “dressed up” merely means something other than a tshirt and flip flops and went downtown to the Driskill.  It’s a swanky hotel on 6th street here in Austin.  It has an old money feel to it and I love it.  It’s nice to feel posh every once in awhile.  Whats even better is they make a magnificent hamburger and at happy hour its half price, so only $5. 

oh look, mommy and magnolia have matching triple chins.

After dinner we walked around downtown for a bit.  Magnolia had wide eyes the entire time

Saturday we went to downtown Austin again and went to the Bob Bullock Museum of Texas history.  It was a great museum but had LOTS of things to read.  Not the best for a couple with a small baby and no stroller, but we looked at everything and read what we could.  I would love to come back when we have a whole day and maybe no baby or at least an older baby with a stroller.  We had plans to go to the Capitol as well, but ran out of time.

 Sunday we went downtown yet again.  Brunch is a huge thing in Austin, and one we’d yet to experience.  So we went to the king of all brunches- Stubb’s BBQ gospel brunch.  They have a live gospel band and a buffet filled with yummy things such as brisket, migas, bacon, pecan pie, grits, eggs, pancakes, etc.  It was a little loud, but Magnolia loved it after we put earplugs in.  I think she’s going to be a huge fan of live music, just like her mama.

After brunch we went out in hunt of the cows.  We got about 30 of them, could have gotten more but it was getting too hot to be enjoyable.

There were so many beautiful painted, glued, etc its hard to pick a favorite.   Austin has so many talented artists.

After the cows we went home and got Mikey ready to leave and spent our last night together as a family just relaxing.

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