Hello there again!

So Mikey left for training and the blog fell by the wayside.  I thought of it many times, but it seemed like I missed so much that it was hard to start back up again, but the link up today at Kelly’s Korner got me motivated to.

Hello to all those visiting for the first time.  We are a family of 5- Myself, my husband, Mikey, our soon to be 5 month old daughter Magnolia and our 2 dogs, Laney and Slade.  Currently Mikey is completing his advanced training for the army.  He’ll be in Virginia for 6 more months then we will be moving to our first duty station- we are hoping for Colorado, Alaska, or  Germany!

Mikey’s graduation from BCT was great, Magnolia was so happy to see her daddy.  I was scared she would cry because she was only 6 wks when he left, but she seemed to know who he was.

After graduation we headed back to Austin to finish packing up our apartment.  I’m staying in Georgia with my mom while Mikey is in training so my family can enjoy the baby and we can be closer to Mikey and possibly go up to VA for the last month or two of his training.  While in Austin we went to our favorite place- the Driskill.  If you are ever in Austin, they have a great happy hour- there burgers are delicious!!!

I had time to play with my new camera a bit.  This girl ended up with so many Christmas outfits, mostly because of her mommy (that would be me!)

We returned back in Georgia right before Christmas Eve, just in time to celebrate with my family-

 Christmas morning we woke up, opened presents, and had breakfast.  Christmas evening we went to Mikey’s dad and had dinner with that part of his family.


That sums up Mikey’s leave.  It was great to have him home for 2 weeks.






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2 responses to “Hello there again!

  1. You’re baby is so cute! 🙂

    My husband will be starting training in Virginia in April. Who knows, maybe my husband and yours will bump into each other!

    • Thanks Sarah! How neat that your husband will be in VA as well. How long will he be there? Do you know where you will be going after his training? We are excited at all the possibilites of where our new home may be.

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