Hello there again!

So Mikey left for training and the blog fell by the wayside.  I thought of it many times, but it seemed like I missed so much that it was hard to start back up again, but the link up today at Kelly’s Korner got me motivated to.

Hello to all those visiting for the first time.  We are a family of 5- Myself, my husband, Mikey, our soon to be 5 month old daughter Magnolia and our 2 dogs, Laney and Slade.  Currently Mikey is completing his advanced training for the army.  He’ll be in Virginia for 6 more months then we will be moving to our first duty station- we are hoping for Colorado, Alaska, or  Germany!

Mikey’s graduation from BCT was great, Magnolia was so happy to see her daddy.  I was scared she would cry because she was only 6 wks when he left, but she seemed to know who he was.

After graduation we headed back to Austin to finish packing up our apartment.  I’m staying in Georgia with my mom while Mikey is in training so my family can enjoy the baby and we can be closer to Mikey and possibly go up to VA for the last month or two of his training.  While in Austin we went to our favorite place- the Driskill.  If you are ever in Austin, they have a great happy hour- there burgers are delicious!!!

I had time to play with my new camera a bit.  This girl ended up with so many Christmas outfits, mostly because of her mommy (that would be me!)

We returned back in Georgia right before Christmas Eve, just in time to celebrate with my family-

 Christmas morning we woke up, opened presents, and had breakfast.  Christmas evening we went to Mikey’s dad and had dinner with that part of his family.


That sums up Mikey’s leave.  It was great to have him home for 2 weeks.






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October in review

October started off with a couple of fun days in downtown Austin, then Mikey leaving for BCT.

Magnolia and I settled down into life by ourselves.  It took a few days to get use to the quite, but now we are great.

Magnolia turned 6 wks old


Then 7 weeks old-

Then 8 wks old-

Then 9 weeks-


Today, the first day of November, she is 10 weeks old!
For Halloween we just hung out at the house and put Mags into a pumpkin

That pretty much sums up our October.  It was hard month without Mikey here, but we are adjusting.  Little Miss is such a blessing to have.  Time is passing by so quickly.  Some days I feel like if I blink she’ll be 18.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from me and my little pumpkin!

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October 28, 2011 · 7:13 pm

Our funfilled weekend

On Monday Mikey left for his army basic training in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  Since it would be our last time seeing him for 10 weeks, we decided to have a little lot of fun.

Friday we got dressed up in Austin “dressed up” merely means something other than a tshirt and flip flops and went downtown to the Driskill.  It’s a swanky hotel on 6th street here in Austin.  It has an old money feel to it and I love it.  It’s nice to feel posh every once in awhile.  Whats even better is they make a magnificent hamburger and at happy hour its half price, so only $5. 

oh look, mommy and magnolia have matching triple chins.

After dinner we walked around downtown for a bit.  Magnolia had wide eyes the entire time

Saturday we went to downtown Austin again and went to the Bob Bullock Museum of Texas history.  It was a great museum but had LOTS of things to read.  Not the best for a couple with a small baby and no stroller, but we looked at everything and read what we could.  I would love to come back when we have a whole day and maybe no baby or at least an older baby with a stroller.  We had plans to go to the Capitol as well, but ran out of time.

 Sunday we went downtown yet again.  Brunch is a huge thing in Austin, and one we’d yet to experience.  So we went to the king of all brunches- Stubb’s BBQ gospel brunch.  They have a live gospel band and a buffet filled with yummy things such as brisket, migas, bacon, pecan pie, grits, eggs, pancakes, etc.  It was a little loud, but Magnolia loved it after we put earplugs in.  I think she’s going to be a huge fan of live music, just like her mama.

After brunch we went out in hunt of the cows.  We got about 30 of them, could have gotten more but it was getting too hot to be enjoyable.

There were so many beautiful painted, glued, etc its hard to pick a favorite.   Austin has so many talented artists.

After the cows we went home and got Mikey ready to leave and spent our last night together as a family just relaxing.

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Dear Magnolia- One month old +

Yea, I’m a little behind- what else is new?

Dear Magnolia-

You are now one month old.  You turned 1 month on Sept. 23rd and we celebrated the next evening.  We had cupcakes and bought you two presents- a little black and white board book and a clutching toy.  You love looking at the pictures in the book.

You were asleep the whole time we baked cupcakes.  Around 2 am, we finally got tired of waiting on you to wake up- so we took pictures with you still asleep.  You startled as the flash went off and got frosting all over your feet, but never woke up.

On Friday the 23rd we took you to a “well baby” visit since you had not been yet.  The doctor we visited was 84 and his office looked like something out of the 60s- frozen in time.  He checked you over, weighed, and measured you- told us you were perfect, but of course we already knew that!  You weighed 9lbs 6 oz- up 2 lbs from your birth weight and were 21.5 inches long- a gain of 2 inches (grow girl, grow!).  After the appointment we visited Lone Star Kolaches and daddy and I each had a couple kolaches.

Thursday the 22nd was daddy’s last day at his civilian job.  He quit early so he could spend time with us before he left for Army training.  He is going to miss you sooooooo much.  Its really unfortunate that he is going to miss so much of your first year of life- but he is doing this to better our family, so you will never have to do without things you need or want.  Please once you get older and understand whats going on, never forget that.  When you are mad that daddy is leaving or not around- remember he is doing what he has to, to make a better life for us.  Because he loves you and me so much.

Saturday we got up early and went to the Olde Pecan Street Festival on 6th street here in Austin.  You slept through most of it.  We got tons of compliments on how adorable you are.  For lunch we went into one of the 6th street bar/restaurants- Casino El Camino .  Its a dark, dingy hard rock kind of place, but we heard they had good burgers.  Obviously we aren’t going to win any parent of the year awards- but we were happy to see we weren’t the only parents in the place.  There was a family at the next table who had a little girl that looked almost your age.  The music was super loud, but you slept through most of it and when you were awake you stared at the dim light fixtures on the ceiling.

As the afternoon wore on, it got much hotter and we had to dip into stores to keep you cooled off.  Overall it was a pretty successful day.  Our first long major outing with you.

inside the lego lion with Daddy

Cooling Tent- the purple tent made you look red.

On Tuesday we headed out to Whole Foods, which you slept through then when went to the Brick Oven since the sky looked ominous and I didn’t want to drive home in the rain.  Given that you cried through almost the entire time we were at the restaurant, I’d say you didn’t like it much.  That’s okay because neither did we.

Earlier during the week you met another milestone- you peed on someone for the first time.  You were laying on daddy’s chest and the diaper wasn’t tight enough on the corner- so everything ran right out onto daddy.  We both had a good laugh about it.

You make the cutest faces now.  I could sit and watch you all day long make faces

We love you sooooo much sweet Magnolia.  Love Mommy and Daddy

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See any resemblance?

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